Thursday, September 2, 2010

What, Dead my Dove?

Seriously, I deserve thirty lashes for neglecting the blog this long. June 15th, really?!??
Anyway, school has just started up again, and internet is down at home until this weekend, so I may not get around to blogging right away. But! I do have one recipe on the way (hopefully it isn't too "Fall" already in the weather that you won't want to try it) that is really delicious and also really nice for hot days.

In the mean time, I loved the look of this peach shortbread from Smitten Kitchen that she posted today, so I thought I'd direct your attention to it, since peaches are in season (are they? I'm such a bad foodie...I should know this). I just called myself a foodie. Hm...

copyright to Smitten Kitchen

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Megan said...

mmm those look yummy. I like how your two blog post titles coordinate with each other. it made me laugh. =)