Sunday, May 29, 2011

Exciting Ramen

I kind of got sick of regular old ramen a while ago, and I'd read a few stories on how to make ramen more interesting, and wanted to try it. I was inspired to finally do so when the roommate of a friend of mine demonstrated how to use an egg in his ramen.

For mine, we added frozen vegetables, an egg (just drop it into the boiling water and stir it around, or stir and then drop it in and stir again, whatever), and some shredded/cut pre-cooked spiced chicken.

We used two bags of Mama shrimp-flavored ramens and one Top ramen chicken. Only the packets from the two Mama ramens were used (pour them into the boiling water prior to adding anything else), and it was a little bland in the end. Apparently if you use all spice packets, and make sure that the flavors match (ie don't mix shrimp and chicken), then it should come out alright. Mostly the reason I used Mama was because I like the texture of the noodles better than Top.

The idea is basically to make ramen more exciting, so go ahead and add whatever you like that you think will taste good.

Happy experimenting!