Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cold and Hot

I woke up this morning feeling pretty sick with the beginnings of a cold. I got through about three hours of school before downing a bunch of Ibuprofin, which got me through the next three hours, and as soon as got home I decided I needed to nip this cold in the bud.

The people in my neighborhood swear by green onions as a cold cure, so I decided to try it. Their philosophy is to eat the entire onion raw, and do it again to a few other onions. However, when my roommate tried it out a few months ago, she said she made a soup and just ate them that way. I decided that sounded a lot more appetizing, so I went and bought some green onions and chicken bouillion, and made a lovely soup!
Basically I boiled a little water in a pot, put in about five finely sliced green onions (cut down to about an inch or so above the root), then added two buillion (chicken flavored) cubes into the pot and stirred until the cubes were dissolved. I made sure to inhale the steam of the soup as it cooked, since that's part of the cure apparently.
I was afraid it would taste nasty, or not be salty enough, or some other thing, but it was actually fine just as it was, which was very surprising to me, because I don't like onions hardly at all. I didn't even need to add any salt! I just sipped the hot, hot soup and munched on the onions. Of course, a few saltine crackers didn't hurt.

After eating it all, I feel loads better (although I've downed so much of it I feel like popping), and I think it may have done the trick. So if you're feeling sick, try this out, and let me know if it works for you.

Note: I think there are a number of colloquial grammar mistakes in this post, but I'm chalking it up to being sick :)