Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Days 3 and 4 + A Recipe

Day 3
-maple & brown sugar oatmeal
-corn chips
Lunch (from Ultimate Broiler):

-spiced roast potatoes
Dinner (from Cafe Rio):
-black bean, rice, grilled chicken burrito

Day 4
-maple and brown sugar oatmeal
-kimchi dumplings
-herbed rice
-baby red potatoes roast in olive oil and italian seasoning

Thoughts on Day Three:
-This morning I felt sort of queasy so I couldn't finish the oatmeal, even though there wasn't that much to begin with. While I was babysitting I started getting very hungry so I scrounged through the kid's parents' cupboards for something free of wheat and found the corn chips! Yay.
-I usually go to lunch with Adrien on Mondays and since it was my turn to choose where we ate, I picked the Ultimate Broiler Greek Restaurant or whatever it's called. I wanted to get just their tasty potatoes and falafel, but it was about $5 more than the lunch special, which put the falafel into a pita in the form of a sandwich, so I got that instead. However, I didn't want to waste the pita, so I ate about half of it. Shame on me again for not keeping my standards.
-I did it again at dinner. Since I was at Adrien and Eric's and they were getting dinner to-go from Cafe Rio, I had to get something from there. I wanted to get nachos but it didn't work out, so I got the burrito instead. And yes, it was a flour tortilla. So I messed up again twice (again) in one day and feel guilty, but things happen I guess. I'll just have to do better from now on (again...)

Thoughts on Day Four:
-I forgot I'd bought the bananas for breakfast, so today was a pleasant variety!
-My roommates and I spent the whole day cleaning, and when I finally got the chance to eat and had that apple, my roommate made kimchi dumplings and offered me some. I didn't even think since I was so starving, but I think now they might've been made with rice something instead of wheat, but I could be wrong. I can't check the ingredients on the package because it isn't in English.
-Ah dinner. I love these potatoes. And of course the rice. I'm still a little hungry though, so I might go have some apple sauce for "dessert."

Also, a recipe for you! (These potatoes really are great)

Roasted and Spiced Red Potatoes
adapted from a recipe from my sister Ellen
-Cut some red potatoes into chunks (not too small or they will shrivel and become more like crispy fries) and note that they don't have to be baby reds, but that way you get more skin on each chunk.
-Put them into a small baking pan and cover in olive oil.
-Sprinkle with spices of your choice. I usually use garlic salt, black pepper, rosemary, basil, thyme, and oregano. Ellen used salt, red and black peppers, paprika, and garlic powder. Both ways of preparing the potatoes are delicious.
-Pop into the oven preheated to 400 degrees. Cook for about 40 mins.
-Eat with fish, chicken, rice, or any combination of those. They're also really good as leftovers the next morning if you cut them into smaller, bite-size pieces and have them in an omelette. Yum.


LP said...

When you say "cover in olive oil", how exactly do you mean "cover"?

Emily said...

Way to go with doing this challenge! Even though you make some minor mistakes, you're doing really well and a WHOLE lot better than I would.
You're awesome!

Shannon said...

mom: I said "cover" because it varies depending on how oily you want your potatoes to taste. Also, the more you use, the moister they are, but you'll also have extra in the pan afterward, which is I guess somewhat wasteful. But if you don't use enough, they'll be dry and won't cook quite right or retain the olive oil flavor.
emily: thanks for the support! :D

Jared and Megan said...

those potatoes sound so yummy!

so do the kimchi dumplings... challenge be darned.

I would totally go to Spark with you if we had the money. Boo.

My word is 'brach'. What was that guy's name on Pokemon that you had a crush on? Brock? Or did you prefer Ash Ketchum?

Shannon said...

lol. I think adrien had a thing for brock. I was all over ash ketchum though, for sure.