Sunday, November 8, 2009

Days 1 and 2

Right now I'm marking off the end of day two in this wheat-free week.
A recap of what I've eaten so far:
Day 1
-omelette with parmesan cheese, garlic salt, and black pepper
-glass of orange juice
-apple sauce with cinnamon
-apple with peanut butter
-costa rican-style beans and rice
-hot cocoa

Day 2
-oatmeal with maple and brown sugar
-orange juice
-leftover beans and rice
-egg, cheese, potato, veggie sausage frittata
-oatmeal cookies

Thoughts on day one:
-Breakfast was pretty good, although I hadn't gone shopping yet so I had to use Parmesan, which, although tasty, was not what I'd preferred in a breakfast omelette.
-After buying groceries for the week (and making sure I had enough wheat-free food for the week) I realized I'd gone over my weekly grocery budget by about $10 or 15 and it's barely the beginning of the week. Crossing my fingers that I don't find the need to go to the store again this week.
-I ate lunch a little late (around 2) and all I had was the apple. I'm pretty hungry. Can't wait for dinner.
-Thank goodness for beans and rice. I might just make it. In fact, I'm stuffed.

Thoughts on day two:
-Oatmeal gets nasty in large quantities. Tomorrow I'll make less so I don't have to gag it down. Also, I'm running out of orange juice. Lame.
-Thank goodness again for beans and rice. And that it still tastes good the next day.
-Ian wants me to make him dinner. We're going with a frittata and I know it will be delicious. I'll skip the toast and jam I normally have with it.
-Ian has made his famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I've already ingested two when I remember that (duh) these have flour in them. I feel guilty and stupid but eat two more anyway. On my way out the door I look at the ingredients of the veggie sausage and see that they were made with a vegetable something-or-other that has wheat gluten in it. I messed up twice today. Time to get back on track.

P.S. Ian promises to guest blog about those cookies of his! Something to look forward to after the challenge. Or maybe before, since I won't be making them, eh?


Jared and Megan said...

mmm I want Ian's cookies. And your frittata. And beans and rice. I need to get some lunch.

I'm excited that you're doing this challenge! I would so do it if I could think of anything for Kelly to do... But the only thing I can think of is that she wouldn't be able to take a shower till there was either another adult in the house or it was after 8 pm... whichever comes first. I wouldn't inflict that upon anyone.

Emily said...

Haha! Megan your comment cracks me up!

Ian's cookies do sound good.