Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This is Why You're Fat

It seems like just about anything can get a book deal nowadays (except for legitimately good literature). The new rave seems to be book versions of picture blogs, like LolCats or Cake Wrecks, which is all well and good, but today I discovered "This is Why You're Fat": a blog (and now a book) with pictures of the most disgusting, fatty, thrown-together "foods" people have found or (worse) made-- think doughnut burgers, Velveeta "fudge," and deep-fried chocolate-covered bacon cake.
Makes me sad to be American in a way. And you know people are going to be making even more disgusting stuff just to get on the site or in the book.
Please people, let's have a little more class, at least when it comes to what you eat.

Considering what I just said, trying new things is not a bad idea. For instance, there's a "weird" concoction I happen to really like that (I've been told) is a family invention. It involves a piece of toast with peanut butter and jelly with a fried egg and a couple slices of bacon on top. The point is to not overdo it. For instance, when I went to Idaho recently, my friends (the guys, obviously) came up with something pretty gross and thought it was the best thing since the invention of video game consoles. And it was gross, because they overdid it, and anticipated the stomach-ache to come. Why would you do that to yourself?
Their "breakfast for dinner" consisted of:
2 everything-but-the-kitchen-sink bagels, toasted
cream cheese
tobasco sauce
a few slices of bacon per bagel
a fried egg with runny yoke per bagel
a thick slice of cheddar cheese per bagel
I don't know why I just gave you the recipe. Please don't make it yourself.


Jared and Megan said...

is that person offering the camera a bite??

Shannon said...

nah, I think he just held it really close to the camera. I was trying to get close enough so that all the ingredients could be seen in all their nastiness.

LP said...

the "family invention" you mention was started in our family by Uncle Dave. I remember him making that a number of times when we were kids.

Shannon said...

oh right right. and megan called it a toast family.

Emily said...

That actually sounds like it might be good! Haha. Only I would make it scrambled eggs and probably lose the tabasco sauce.... and actually I'm a little unsure of the cream cheese, but something needs to go on there to hold it all together. Maybe the cheddar cheese would... ooh or maybe like a thicker breakfast gravy... I don't know how to describe that. Maybe like a biscuits and gravy gravy. Is that weird?

Jared and Megan said...

if you recall, you are the one who called it a toast family...
what I call a toast family is just a toasted pb&j sandwich.
but seriously, I want that right now, I'm so hungry. Mmm bacon with pb and j... and an egg... and a piece of toast...