Thursday, December 3, 2009

Food Chain

I'm sorry I've been neglectful. Amazingly I did no cooking from scratch over the Thanksgiving break, so I have no recipes for you, but I did come across this strange (funny? annoying? weird? you decide) video about people's take on food and diet. It's called "Food Chain" by Jeremy Saville.
The dialogue is sort of loud. You have been warned.

How do you feel about what is good for you to eat? Do you worry more about your health? About the Earth?

P.S. No matter how small I try to make videos from Youtube, they always end up the same size-- big enough to cover part of the sidebar. It's very annoying. Sorry.


LP said...

My favorite part is how the one guy is still trying to cram a sandwich into the other guy's mouth at the end.

Interesting that almost all of them bring up non-existent characters to enforce their argument. There must be a name for that kind of faulty logic.

Shannon said...

I think you could say it falls under appeal to emotion. since it's unlikely any of them had ever had a pet pig/deer/chicken/egg (though maybe a fish) they have to draw from popular culture. also, I've noticed that most people who actually have spent time caring for those kinds of animals have a little different opinion on whether or not they should eat them. but I could be wrong.

Jared and Megan said...

I like how the pork eater has just taken to shoving his sandwich down people's throats by the end.

I worry about my health more than the Earth. I'm not the Earth, I live on the Earth. My health and my family's health comes before anyone else's. Just by default, you know, like the whole airpline oxygen bag thing. After that, I'm free to help as many others as I can.

I might agree with you about the people who take care of animals being less likely to be squeamish about eating them... I've never taken care of goats or cows or pigs or anything, so maybe if I did I'd be less likely to be squeamish or sad about eating them. I don't know if that change how I feel about eating veal or lamb, though...

My main concern is that animals for food be treated humanely and killed humanely. Organically raised, free range chickens and stuff like that.

Shannon said...

Megan I agree with you in your main concern.
It's not like we were raised on a farm or anything, but it helps that we had chickens because I learned so much about them. I still think they're stupid, but I can appreciate their life cycle after raising them from chicks, tending them, and watching them die. I learned that they will kill each other (pecking order is much more violent in the chicken world) so I have no problems eating eggs or chicken meat (there's a connection there, I swear). I mean really, chickens lay eggs every day anyway, why have them go to waste?
The same goes for how I feel about beef, pork, and goat meat, all of which I've seen be raised in my time in FFA. I love steer, they're like giant dogs. And I loved being present for the birth of the pigs, I just think they're smelly and their eyes are creepy. And I grew close to the goats in the herd we cared for in Vet Science. But when slaughter time came, I made myself watch, because understanding an animal means understanding every aspect of its life. I might disagree with certain elements of how animals are raised when they are part of a commercial enterprise, but I don't disagree with the consumption of them, and I'll support proper care by doing as you say and opting for organic/free-range/local, or whatever.
Ha! I just wrote like my life story. And I'm not even sure I got my point across...